UCLA Sports Web Sites… how did I miss some of these?

I only go to 3 web sites for my news these days:

  1. http://www.bruinblitz.com (aka http://ucla.rivals.com)
  2. http://www.bruinreportonline.com (aka http://ucla.scout.com)
  3. http://www.uclabruins.com (aka the Official Sports web site of UCLA)

The first 2 are pay for web sites.  They provide insider information on the Bruins that really can’t be gotten anywhere else.  And since it’s a pay for site, you know that only folks with some cash are going to be on the Premium forums, eliminating the morons that don’t have jobs and spend all day long posting babble.

But to expand my horizons, I decided to check a few others out.  It’s been several years since I’ve done that and, well, I must say there’s some real doozies out there… a few that I’ve even added to the ol’ Internet Explorer 7.0 Favorites list.

  1. http://www.insomniacslounge.com/
    Who the hell is this guy?  I gotta say, he’s my kinda guy.  He’s a serious Bruin alum, that’s for certain and he’s really into Sportsbook betting… and he apparently loves photos of smokin’ hot women and isn’t afraid to post them.  In fact, the photos don’t seem to have ANYTHING TO DO with his actual blog posts.  He just… puts photos of smokin’ hot women into every post.  C’mon, you just gotta love that!
  2. http://bruinsnation.com/
    If you ever want to get some perspective, this is the place to go.  This guy is the source of all hatred & loathing.  If you think you’re angry at the Bruins, you gotta check out this site.  Imagine a torrent of sheer, unadulterated anger eminating from one person:  That’s Bruinsnation. Suddenly, things won’t look so bad.
  3. http://www.bruinzone.com/
    All this seems to be is a summary of links to UCLA-related articles written in major paper publications throughout Southern California, which in it of itself is somewhat useful, although I don’t give most publications – including the LA Times – much credibility.  When it comes to bias and unbalanced reporting, the Los Angeles Times is about as bad as they come.
  4. http://ucla.mostvaluablenetwork.com/
    A.k.a. UCLA Hoop Scoop, this is a great blog that contains both factual and subjective content about the Basketball team.  Nice bit of content… surprised he hasn’t made it a pay-for site though.  I guess he has to bring up readership.  Back in the day, there was a site called "Bruin Hoop Report" that I used to love to read similar to this but alas its gone and dried up.

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