Mary Jo Foley: The voice of rationality re: Allchin’s Windows Vista AntiVirus comments

Uh… this has thrown me for a loop.

Jim Allchin made a side comment that his son is currently running Windows Vista on his workstation at home without any Antivirus software.  The press immediately started interpretting this as meaning, "Microsoft says:  Don’t buy antivirus software for Windows Vista!" 

This has caused not just a ridiculous level of hysteria but also initiated a bunch of "conspiracy theories" like, "Microsoft is trying to stick it to McAfee & Symantec for their campaign to get APIs into the kernel to bypass PatchGuard".

Wow.  Notorious mudslinger Mary Jo Foley seems to be the only voice of rationality on this topic.  She calls out the media for intentionally misinterpretting Jim Allchin’s comment as tacit approval to not use antivirus software in an attempt to create havok.

I’ve never reference a Mary Jo Foley article so I’m a little stunned by this… but that being said I have to applaud Mary Jo Foley for being the voice of rationality in a cesspool of panic-inducing media further enhancing the Culture of Fear they create around Corporate IT.

But that’s another topic entirely.  Here’s her blog entry.

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