My favorite comic – Ctrl-Alt-Del by Tim Absath

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a while (video game comics) and I just always forgot.  This desktop background that Tim Absath of Ctrl-Alt-Del made sent me over the edge.  This is SO cool.

Ctrl-Alt-Del’s Gears of War Background

If you want different resolutions of the background, get them here:

Now – on to the topic of gamer comics online.

As a gamer, I’ve seen a huge amount of press go to Penny Arcade, which in it of itself is a damned funny online comic – assuming you’re really into the gaming scene.  For years, I laughed my ass off at some of topics, not the least of which was comics like this one.. 

In fact, Tycho & Gabe created this image for Gears of War just like Tim did:

Penny Arcade’s Illustration of Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix 

But frankly, I’ve discovered that half the stuff in Penny Arcade is hard to get "other" people (my wife, coworkers, etc.) to relate to because it’s so "insider" and without people to "laugh with you" about a given comic, it’s just not as much fun.

hat’s why I ADORE Ctrl-Alt-Del Online.  It’s the illustrated version of my humor.  For example, this is Tim’s comic that essentially explains (according to my friend Ara) "why physics matters".

On top of his weekly comics, Tim’s got his own animated comic going now and for $2.95 a month, you can get access to the episodes.  And it’s worth every penny, so if you like what you see at Ctrl-Alt-Online (take a look at the comic archives here) you might want to check out the cartoon at

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