It’s gonna be a “Wonderful Life” for the Xbox360 this Christmas!

Yeah baby.  2 million units is what Wedbush is predicting for XBox360 sales to look like in December. (And actually more than that – see below)  Why is this exciting?   It’s exciting because these are the precise numbers that PS2 had in it’s second holiday season and it’s the reason PS2 had just a substantial jump on the original Xbox in marketshare.  That’s right – XBox360 turned around and stole a play right out of Sony’s playbook:  Get to market first with great technology and give game developers a reason to produce great games on your platform through sheer volume instead of your competitor’s.

Through September, NPD data shows that Xbox 360 hardware sales in the U.S. were 2.7 million units. Wedbush Morgan expects monthly sales of 250,000 units in October, 750,000 million units in November, and between 1.5 – 2 million units in December. Wedbush comments: "Sell through of Xbox 360 hardware could be higher if the supply situation for the PS3 falls well short of demand, with many holiday gift givers likely substituting purchases of the 360 in place of the PS3."

In other news, it’s already been reported that PS3 may not make even the reduced shipment quantity that Sony announced for both the launch and the holiday season concluding on December 31st.

Reports emanating from Japanese newspaper Nikkei Keizai Shimbun suggest that Sony has been forced to cut its day one Japanese allocation for the PlayStation 3 by 20 percent to just 80,000.

When originally announced in September, the day one launch allocation for the PlayStation 3 was put at 400,000 for North America and “about” 100,000 for Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment America co-chairman Jack Tretton later described the figures as “more of a target”.

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