OMG… the stuff my customers send me.

Unless you have no friends whatsoever, I’m sure you’ve received a "funny forward" email.  And I tell you, with the number of people I meet on my job, I get some of the craziest stuff sent to me by my customers.  (And former customers)

I’ve received this one particular forward a dozen times and I still find myself opening it because it’s that funny.  Basically, according to the flyer, some Malibu couple got divorced however part of their settlement was that they had to liquidate the estate – part of which was a Tuscan Villa in Malibu – a 3 story, 5 bedroom palacial palacial abode overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The master bedroom alone is 1600 sq ft.  For reference sake, that one bedroom is the size of my current condo.  And they’re including all the amenties as well – flat screen TVs, surround sound systems, refrigerator, antiquities, etc.

And they’re selling it for $2,999,000.

Now, I’ve seen brand new houses in Westwood that have gone for $2,500,000 unfurnished just a block away from where I live.  This thing looks phenomenal.  And it’s completely new.  And while I realize that it will sell for much more than that after the bidding is in, I can only dream… of being able to afford to ridiculous property taxes that would undoubtedly have to be paid on the property.

This could all be a big hoax of course.  I haven’t bothered to the thing, nor have I bothered calling the phone number.  But y’know, it’s still funny from an Internet lore point of view.  (Kinda like the infamous "Tiger Woods’ House in Hawaii".  Oh?  You didn’t get that one?  Sighhhh.)


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