Apple Advertisement Parodies Galore

I’m wondering what Apple thinks about all the parodies being produced of their ads. 

On one hand, there’s the old saying in business:  "There’s no such thing as bad advertising."  On the other hand, if the advertising brings attention to your products flaws relative to your competitor’s is it really advertising any more?  Take for instance this Mac ad parody that highlight’s the Macintosh’s inability to support pen computing well. 

I guess it is still advertising considering it’s getting the brand out there, but isn’t that overshadowed by the content’s focus on your product’s inadequacies?

The bottom line is that there seems to be an absolute torrent of Mac ad parodies coming out of the the woodwork at a rate 4x faster than the creation of actual Mac ads.  There’s a few that I can’t post because, while funny, their NSFW by any stretch of the imagination, so here’s a few that I CAN post for everyone to check out:

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