Mattel’s UNO is the #1 Xbox Live Marketplace game

GamerScore Blog just posted a ton of statistics about XBox Live and also posted a list of the "Top 10 experiences that you can only get using Xbox 360".

One of the big bulletins is that there are 4 MILLION users of Xbox Live today.  That’s a lot of people to play against.  They also posted that over 12 MILLION downloads have occured on the network from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Mattel… I hope someone’s reading!
One big point they also make that I hope isn’t lost on anyone is the fact that our #1 seller on Xbox Live is UNO.  That’s right – Mattel’s card game UNO.   Y’all have a licensing success with this game.  To be honest, I could see this blowing up huge with other Mattel games and children’s toys.  How about a Hot Wheels racer?  How about a Sims add-in for Barbie?  After all, apparently Hasbro hasn’t gotten on the ball with home games based on their properties… and you KNOW that they’ve got a lot of properties that would translate well to Xbox online gaming.  Grab the gold ring while it’s still available!

Top 10 Experiences on XBox Live 
BTW:  Here’s an excerpt of the "Top 10" on the blog post.

  1. Xbox Live delivers one identity across your entire Xbox 360 experience

o Your unique gamertag, gamer profile; gamer score; gamer zone; reputation and achievements stay with you wherever and whatever you play.

o One friends list across all games, so you are always connected to a global community of millions at any time.

o As we roll out Live across platforms, your identity will be available anywhere, anytime on Xbox, Windows, and mobile devices.

  1. Earn Achievements in every Xbox 360 game to compare your progress, skills and accomplishments with your friends on Xbox Live and

o Achievements are changing the way people play games, the way games are designed and chronicles your entire gaming history.

  1. The unified Xbox Live network means you are always connected to a global community of 4 million gamers across 24 countries

o Connect with your friends online, or play with new ones in a safe, secure, managed environment free from cheating, hacking and viruses.

o Xbox Live provides gamers with access to global tournaments and exclusive programs including online Game with Fame events with Larry Johnson, Matisyahu, Jack Black, The Fray and the forthcoming Pac-Man World Championships in February 2007.

  1. Download and enjoy the wide collection Xbox Live Arcade games that are taking the industry by storm

o Access the collection of over 30 highly addictive games to date from the world’s most creative indie game developers and the biggest game publishers on the planet.

o Sample the free, fully playable trial version for every Xbox Live Arcade game.

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