NEWS: Apple lawyers issuing cease & desist for using the term “Podcast”

Actually it’s worse than that.  Apple is releasing the corporate sharks on anyone using the word "pod" in their name like iPodder, myPodder, Podcast Ready, Profit Pod, etc., claiming that it infringes on their iPod trademark.  One of the more popular terms apparently Apple is putting the stomp on, is the actual term "podcast".

Here’s a copy of the letter being sent out.

Considering the amount of public-driven marketing being done by folks independently for the term "pod" I hardly think Apple is in any position to declare the term "built by Apple".  If folks end up bowing to Apple’s corporate legal team of Dewey, Screwem, and Howe, may I suggest the term, "Blogcast" instead?

Or better yet, "Zunecast"?

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