EVENT: Video Games Live – Hollywood Bowl

The 2nd Video Games Live event is taking place on Thursday, September 21st (2 weeks away).  

Video Games Live is a concert at Hollywood Bowl where the LA Philharmonic plays all of your favorite video game themes – to a venue packed with over 11,000 people.  Everything from your favorite old Nintendo themes to more recent games like Castlevania, Tomb Raider, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon’s Lair, all the Tom Clancy games, Sonic the Hedgehog, and classics like Tetris, Frogger, Gauntlet, etc.

To add to the mayhem, they’re going to have the actual creators of various famous video games present along with the the composers of the video game themes on hand.

And this year is special: 
They’re going to have the world premier of Halo 3’s music!
(Not just Halo 1 or 2 but HALO 3!)

Tickets are available here: 

Web site is here: 

This really is a lot of fun… I hope you all will come!

From the organizers:

"We are announcing a LOT of cool new surprises including the world premiere of the Halo 3 music, new Final Fantasy segments, new interactive segments with the crowd, celebrity guest appearances, acoustic game composer jams, etc. We’ve even figured out a way to incorporate the Goodyear Blimp into the show!

The concert starts at 8:00pm but the doors will be opening early (5:30pm) for our pre-show festival which includes game competitions, playable pre-release games such as Guitar Hero II, a costume contest, game designers and composers meet & greet, prize give-a-ways, etc. All of these events are open to each and every ticket holder.

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