NEWS: Star Wars… uh… Transformers?

It’s official.  George Lucas and his sellout space trilogy has "jumped the shark" (or for those of you that watch Attack of the Show on G4TV:  Lucas has been "raped by a panda")

Hasbro has created "Star Wars Transformers" including Boba Fett’s fighter that transforms into… well… Boba Fett.  They also have a Millenium Falcon that separates into two pieces to transform into a Han Solo robot and a Chewbacca robot.

I couldn’t have even made this up.  Some moron of an executive had to actually push this through product planning.  See it here:…

I don’t think I need to say anything more do I?  If you guys at Mattel ever, ever, EVER do something this stupid, I swear to God, I’m switching accounts. 

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