NEWS: Sony to delay PS3 launch in Europe until March

Wow.  This is huge.  Sony might be taking a serious backseat in the European market with this announcement.


Sony Delay Reaction Story
Dean Takahashi, 01:13 PM in Dean Takahashi, Gaming

Here’s the story I’m working on for tomorrow’s paper:

If you want a PlayStation 3 for Christmas, you chances just got a lot worse.

Due to production problems, Sony said Wednesday that it will come up short with the supply of PlayStation 3 video game consoles for the critical holiday selling season and delay its launch in Europe until March.

Sony’s production problems with the PlayStation 3 could be a big boost for rivals Nintendo and Microsoft, but they could create big headaches for video game publishers such as Electronic Arts that have been counting on healthy sales of new software this holiday.

"Sony didn’t have their ducks in a row this time,” said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan. ""It hurts their image with investors and consumers. I think Euorpean consumers will be rightfully angry.”


FULL STORY:  Sony to delay PS3 launch in Europe until March


(Thanks to Dave Delgado for the forward.)

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