Another reason Microsoft’s a great place to work…

Today, I found out that for each hour I volunteer at the local animal rescue that Anne & I got our adopted pet "Sheepa the Dog" ( from, Microsoft will "match" our time in much the same way that it will match my tax-deductible contributions to 509c3 non-profit organizations.

How does it "match" my contributed time?  By paying out $17/hour.  That’s right.  For every hour I work for our animal rescue ( Microsoft will give an addition $17 in actual cash to the shelter. 

Now consider that both my wife and I work for Microsoft and we both donate our time on the weekends.  Just a single days worth of work (5 hours) between the two of us is $170 to the rescue organization. 

That’s $170 to pay for food, supplies, gas (to transport the animals), medical bills, grooming, electricity,… you name it.

This is the first time in a while I found my jaded-self thinking about just what a neat company Microsoft is to work for.

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