The Wing Kong Exchange

When I get tired, my mind regresses back to a simpler time when all I had to do is worry about school work and the cute girl that sat in front of me in AP English. Today, I was dragging a bunch of books out of the
closet at work and I started to think about the greatest movie ever created: BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

This movie is just begging for a sequel. I swear I’d be on that in a flash. I keep thinking of Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell, yelling into his CB while he’s driving his 18 wheeler down a rainy highway, "You just listen to the Pork Chop Express and take his advice on a dark and stormy night…"

Remember that this was all before the advent of the Internet. I’ve never actually typed in the words, "Big Trouble in Little China" or "Pork Chop Express" into Live Search or Google or any search engine for
that matter. So return to my desk and do a quick search and I stumble upon this:

Oh joy of joys! A Dragon of the Black Pool Leather Jacket! Pork Chop Express t-shirts! Egg Foo Yong Tours t-shirts! And a black shirt that has a picture of Jack Burton on it that reads" "Yes sir, the check is in the mail…"!

If you get this… if you find this funny… if you doubled over in laughter when you saw these, track me down on the Internet or just comment, because my God: I think I nearly died of oxygen deprivation I was laughing so hard! Must… Buy… Jacket! I swear, when I was a kid, I watched this movie over and over again. Not because I wanted to, mind you but because where I lived, it was the only damned movie that the station seemed to have the rights to play. I didn’t even understand half the campy jokes they have in the movie, but now I view the movie in a completely different light.

I now look back on that flick as an adult now, with a certain amount of fondness. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better:

It’s times like these, I just love the Internet. I really do. Crap like this makes up for an awful lot of garbage out there.

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