COMMENTARY: Why a new blog?

Back in 1999, I had a blog that I ran on Blogger for a few years until they got acquired by Google.  Microsoft started up their blogging service and so I started up my primary blog site on MSN Spaces.
I also branched off and did – a blog exclusively for sake information but I realized that I really need something to satisfy my need to just do a complete and total core dump.  And frankly, none of my other two blogs really were appropriate places to talk about personal topics that are important to me like Animal Shelters, the Game Console wars, livin’ large in Las Vegas, UCLA sports, why Macromedia Video sucks… stuff like that.
So enter  I consider this a real diary.  And don’t be offended if I start to really go off on topics – uncensored.  Seriously.  I’m not gonna link this sh-t to any of my other blogs.  This is not a customer-friendly place to be, and I’m not writing as a Microsoft employee any more.  I’ll be blogging in between doses of the Microsoft kool-aid and I’m not wearing my ‘Borg’ helmet.
’cause hey… if Scoble, Rory, and others can do it…

One Response to COMMENTARY: Why a new blog?

  1. Latvia5959 says:

    Nice….   🙂

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