More on the idiocy that is Wikipedia… this time from someone with a well-established reputation, Paul Thurrott

image I was reading a post by Paul Thurrott, famed Windows expert, Editor-in-chief of WindowsITPro Magazine, and creator the Supersite for Windows.  It was one in which he drops the proverbial hammer on an irresponsible & Machiavellian journalist named Randall C. Kennedy for his heinously deceptive quotes, actions, and most of all, intentions.  Kennedy was recently shamed and admonished into unemployment (Translation:  FIRED) by his employer, IDG Media for impersonating a person of authority on technical matters under a pseudonym while also magically generating/producing false information about technology – Microsoft Windows in particular.

In the post, he writes about the many incidents in which he and Randall Kennedy came into conflict like that below:

“Kennedy himself emailed me some time ago to point me to his own BS data about Vista SP1, which I refuted to him personally, so he backed off.This criticism of Vista SP1 is still in Wikipedia, by the way, which says everything you need to know about what I think about that particular piece of c#$% too. (OK, I’ll spell it out. Wikipedia is everything that’s wrong with the Internet: People love it, and it makes them lazy. It’s the McDonalds of knowledge, good intentions with bad end results that, somehow, no one ever saw coming.)”

[taken from “Insane Blogger Fools Reporter – Gets Fired” –”]

“Good intentions with bad end results.”  Eloquently put, Paul.  I find it unbelievable that advocates of Wikipedia are completely willing to sidestep & ignore the falsehoods, inaccuracies, and in some instances outright LIES posted on the site, all in the name of community collaboration & contributional parity.  Didn’t these people learn anything from the fall of communism?

No one should EVER have to vigilantly scour a web site just to defend themselves from lies posted about them without accountability.  Want a longer more exhaustive rant?

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