Kurt’s latest podcast subscription list

imageHere’s a list of a few things that I subscribe to these days.

  • Five Hundy By Midnight – “The Original Las Vegas Podcast”
    Still, strangely, the best Las Vegas podcast out there… mostly because Tim & Michelle actually TALK about Las Vegas and Las Vegas related topics.  Imagine that.  The least professional podcast I listen to is one of the few podcasts that actually stays on the topic of the show.  Wow.  What a concept.
  • Sessler’s Soapbox Video Podcast – “G4TV’s Editor-in-chief Adam Sessler’s video commentary”
     Adam, besides being a UCLA Bruin, has one of the sharpest minds in the video game industry and shares his thoughts in a weekly podcast.  Frankly, I wish this was a DAILY podcast because while I don’t always agree with him, his podcasts are always well-reasoned, rational, and thought-provoking.  I wish every podcast I listened too was as such.
  • imageWindows Weekly with Paul Thurrott & Leo Laporte
    I blaze a trail through Leo’s Apple & Google zealotry to glean the wisdom that is Paul’s commentary on “all-things-Microsoft”.  Paul’s always got a good perspective on matters, often understanding the motivations behind certain events that other’s don’t, and many times he says the things out loud that simply NEED to be said out loud and I think it’s very cathartic for people in IT.  I think it’s also impressive that Paul understands as much as he does without actually being an employee.
  • KOXM Official Xbox Magazine Podcast
    This one surprised me:  This is a really good quality podcast with a lot of great information, delivered by what I can only surmise are 3 guys high on weed.  All kidding aside, Dan Amrich are hilarious and
  • Onion News Network Video
    No one makes a better professionally done web video than The Onion.  Not ever College Humor’s originals beat The Onion for their consistent quality and gut-busting LMAOs.
  • The Adam Carolla Podcast
    Still one of the more oddly entertaining podcasts on the Interwebs, Adam never fails to make me laugh with some off-color and ass backward comment of his.  With his professionally sharpened wit and litany of top shelf guests, it’s no wonder his podcast is one of the top 10 most listened to.
  • Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio
    Oddly, KOXM talks more about Xbox than Larry usually does. Although sometimes as much as 50% of the podcast often has absolutely nothing to do with Xbox, gaming, or even anything Microsoft-related, it’s still a good source of interesting information like NPD sales statistics of consoles and games monthly, new console enhancements, and ‘why/how people get banned from Xbox Live’.  So if you can fast forward through the iPhone-talk, Blu-ray-babble, and Kindle-fawning, you can usually get good insight into events like PAX, Tokyo Game Show, and E3.
  • WMExperts Podcast
    The guys over at WMExperts do a really good job on podcasting week after week about a story that… well… is really tough to report on considering how LITTLE is being actually released about new devices and new software products for Windows Mobile recently.  I really have to tip my hat to these guys for doing what they do on a week-to-week basis… and I listen to their broadcast every week religiously.  Funny how OUR own product group doesn’t have anything like this despite desperately needing a little community development and publicity.

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