A word about Stephen King’s “Under the Dome: A Novel”

image OMFG.  Have you guys seen this book?  It’s a frickin’ MONSTER.

1088 pages.  This is Stephen King’s recently release novel and it’s a whopper.  Apparently, King’s been working on this book off and on since the 70s.

It’s about a town that is essentially blocked off from the rest of the world.  And apparently, without outside influences, the town goes gonzo on itself and weird and unpredictable ways.  That’s about as much as I know about it since I haven’t read it yet.  But that’s not why I’m mentioning it.

Y’see there’s been this price war that’s been going on amongst the major book sellers Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, etc. since it was released earlier this month, to price this thing down to… well… almost nothing.  At most places you can get the hardback for less than $10.  That’s right.  1088 pages of Stephen King for less than $10. 

What’s blown me away is that you can ALSO get the audiobook off of AUDIBLE.COM for only ONE SINGLE CREDIT.

I first heard about this on the Windows Weekly podcast and I couldn’t believe it when I heard it so I had to go check it out myself.  And yes, it’s true – you can get the entire audiobook for just ONE SINGLE CREDIT.  It would normally sell for $27.99.

One credit on Audible, when you become a “subscriber” is  effectively about $10.  To the lay person, this might not seem like a big deal considering the hardback version of the book is also going for $10, but for audiobook readers, we know that recorded readings are always 2x-3x times more expensive than the text versions.

imageAlso, keep in mind that someone had to actually read all 1088 pages ALOUD… and this took a whopping 34 HOURS & 29 MINUTES.  On Audio CDs, this would consume 17 discs.

17 DISCS!?!?

Even on Audible, you have to basically download 5 media files to get the whole book and the total space consumed by this one book alone is about 1.0GB.  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a book this large before posted to Audible. 

Now, I’m not a monster fan of Stephen King.  I’ve only read one or two books of his in the past but this thing is such an incredible anomaly in the audiobook world that I just had to burn a credit on it. 

Check it out:

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