The glass is half full… on the Internet!

image I ain’t gonna lie to you:  Last year was a one of the worst year’s of my life professionally.  When all your customers are either being acquired or going bankrupt, it just f-ckin’ sucks.  Sure you aren’t making a dime, and your management looks at you understandingly yet you still feel like someone’s drawing a target on your back.

Meanwhile, all the friends you’ve made at these customers – the folks that trust that your technology is going to help them stay afloat, the folks who’ve you’ve had drinks with and umpteen hundreds of meals with, the folks who you’ve met their spouses and kids – find themselves without jobs all because some jackass in the SEC couldn’t figure out the nation’s biggest financial scam.

And then right on cue, just as things look like they couldn’t get any worse:  The company has layoffs – the first of it’s kind.  You get a new manager with whom you’re totally unproven.  You have a newborn baby and an aging dog all of whom need attention.  And you’re still not making quota.

Now as part of my job, I scour the net for news and information to stay abreast of what’s important in the industry.  But if you read enough of what’s published, you begin to think the world, your job, and everything you’ve built your career around is going to hell in a handbasket.  And it’s not surprising being that the media drives fear to sell advertising but even with this knowledge you can’t escape the sense of doom that they’ve created.

I won’t even go into the degenerates that actually comment on these sites.  I long for the days of accountability where if someone says something that’s patently false, you can hunt them down and ‘correct’ them.  The only reason there’s as much vitriol and lack of civility on the Internet these days is because these putzes have no fear of retribution.  If they had any belief that some day, someone was gonna knock on their door and personally “educate” them, they’d think twice about their libelous ways.

So that’s why I started collecting a list of sites that make me laugh uncontrollably.  Something to laugh at – after all, why not harness the Internet for ‘good’?  Or at least a ‘good laugh’?

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