Deadliest Catch… web sites of the fishing vessels

I was watching “After the Catch”, a somewhat mild, advertisement-laden rehash of the season’s Deadliest Catch episodes on Discovery Channel where the captains sit down in a pub to talk about various topics with Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey.  Even though I fully realize After the Catch is designed simply to stretch out Discovery Channel’s opportunities to sell advertising, I have to admit:  I find it interesting enough to ‘keep from changing the channel’ after watching the new Tuesday episodes of Deadliest Catch.

image While watching, I noticed the back of Ben Bailey’s shirt read, “Get your CRABS from Phil”.  I fully admit, I loved the shirt and thought, “Hey!  I want one of those!”  Then I looked really carefully at the screen – Thank you Mitsubishi 65” High Definition Television – and I could read the very bottom of Ben’s shirt which said, “”. 

Are you kiddin’ me?  Captain Phil’s got a web site?  Hell yeah.

Then I turned up all the ship’s web sites. 

Then I bought a shirt.  Awright Cornelia Marie!


Incidentally, each of the sea captains actually COOKED something on After the Catch and posted the recipes online.  The crab stuffed mushrooms that Captain Phil made looked pretty tasty so I think I’m gonna aim to try to make those.


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2 Responses to Deadliest Catch… web sites of the fishing vessels

  1. samanthabookwalter says:

    I’m so bummed. I bought this shirt of my dad years ago, but it not longer fits him. The store no longer exists either 😩.

    • kurtsh says:

      Yeah, I know. The whole Cornelia Marie story line is also gone. I think things just didn’t work out for the family, even with the TV revenue which I think is the reason they tried to hold on and keep fishing.

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