Hey… have you met my little buddy?

I’m going to write a blog dissertation on the research I did around the topic of “why fathers have children”.  I really did ask a hundred plus men over a period of two years or so why they decided to originally have a kid, if they still agreed with their rationale, and what they feel they got out of it.  I think the reasons might be very interesting to you… and they’re often very different from what women say.

But until then, I thought I’d introduce you to my new little buddy.  Meet “Kyle”.

SleepingBurritoI call him our little ‘sleeping burrito’.  He’s the reason there will likely be a complete slowdown/halt of posts to this blog over the next month or so.

You can read about Kyle’s Saga on my Twitter page at http://twitter.com/kurtsh.

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2 Responses to Hey… have you met my little buddy?

  1. Eric says:

    Congratulations dude! I didn\’t know you were expecting, I\’m so out of it. Have a great time hangin with your new buddy, can\’t wait to meet him.

  2. Kurt says:

    Thanks. He\’s a great baby… doesn\’t cry much… sleeps quietly while I\’m watching him… eats consistently. My Mom constantly says that Kyle\’s \’suuuuch a good baby\’. What she fails to mention of course is that she\’s comparing that to me of course, who was apparently a holy terror when I was an infant.

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