NBC Sports Photo Collage: “NFL Cheer”

imageThis just made my day. This is, like, 119 of some of the best photos ever taken by mankind.

Y’know, no matter how lousy you feel (and after a day of volunteering at a pet adoption fair, I ache all over and feel generally pretty awful) I challenge any guy to flip through these slides and not have a smile on their face by the end of all 119 photos.  I don’t even care how much I hate Tom Brokaw and the insanely biased NBC newsroom:  After this photo spread, I say, “All hail NBC Sports!”  These are the kind of things that make the Sport Illustrated issues irrelevant.  Cripes – this actually makes me wanna go to see an NFL game.  At least for a moment.  Then I wake up and decide the Internet is cheaper than paying $120/ticket.

BTW:  The photographer must have something going on with the girl named “Ryann Murray” because her photo shows up an interesting number of times, with a citation of her identity and everything.

Me?  Based on the photos, I think this is gonna be a great year for Houston Texans & Tampa Bay Buccs fans.  You lucky dogs, you.

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