NEWS: ExtremeTech on “Playstation 3’s Death Spiral”

image Hey – they said it, not me.

Is the Playstation 3 doomed? Given the continuing spiral of reduced sales of the console, and of games that ship for the PS3, the situation has never been more dire for Sony‘s premiere gaming console.

Every month, market research firm NPD releases the sales figures for the US for the top selling consoles and video games.

Let’s look at the numbers for console games for March, 2009:

  • Nintendo Wii  601K
  • Nintendo DS  563K
  • Xbox 360  330K
  • Playstation 3  218K
  • Playstation Portable (PSP)  168K
  • Playstation 2  112K

To put this into some context, let’s take a look at numbers from March, 2008:

      • Nintendo Wii  721K
      • Nintendo DS  698K
      • PSP  297K
      • Xbox 360  262K
      • Playstation 3  257K
      • Playstation 2  216K

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