PODCAST: Vegas Undressed… podcasts of a different sort.

image I’ve been listing to one of the podcasts below – “The Vegas Cabbie”.  It’s basically this guy “Rick” the cabbie who drives a taxi in Las Vegas.  He talks about stuff that’s happened in Vegas and gives the occasional tip about what to do when in Vegas. 

Now I thought this dude was an utter train wreck when first started listening to him.  I mean, he’s sounds… like… CRAZY!   But after listening a few podcasts, I think he’s alright.  I question whether or not he’ll actually keep doing the podcast, but whatever. What changed my mind?  He actually had a couple good tips.  And when I thought about it, who better to advise visitors on things Vegas-related than a cabbie?

Here’s an example of some of the things he answers:

  • “How do you get through airport security quickly, if you’re late to your flight?”
  • “How do catch a cab at McCarran Airport without waiting in the cab line?”
  • “When is the best time to fly into Vegas?”

Not bad ‘eh?  I can think of a 1000 questions to ask him and I’ve left a message or two for him.  But nonetheless, this could be good if he keeps it up.  And yeah, he’s a little eccentric and nuts but I think that’s part of what’s entertaining about him.  I think he’ll be a permanent fixture in my Zune.

Not everyone owns a f-ing iPod y’know?  Some of us prefer the Zune or the iRiver or the Zen.  And the only reason I found your podcasts was because Vegas Cabbie got posted to the Zune Marketplace – not iTunes.  Also, would you consider getting a Vegas BARTENDER to do a podcast?  I would think that’d be a fun podcast to watch – plenty to talk about, lots of advice to give, etc.  And maybe a Vegas casino host.

Anyway, it turns out that his podcast is just one of 4 podcasts posted to Vegasundressed.com.  I can’t say I’m fans of all of them, but I’ll let you be the judge of them.

image The Stripper Method
Two Las Vegas strippers teach you on their video podcast what it is they do and how they do it.  It’s more like a distance learning podcast for women in the exotic dancing profession.


image The Vegas Cabbie
Rick the Vegas taxi driver tells you through his video podcast how to get around town and otherwise enjoy Las Vegas from his years of expertise as a cabbie.


image That Show with Those Guys
A video podcast with 3 dudes that sit around and run through a ton of ‘guy talk’ in Vegas about Vegas stuff from differing Vegas locations like the Palms, the Rio, etc.


image G-Spot
An audio podcast about the arts and entertainment scene in Las Vegas.  Being that I’m not a Vegas resident, this really doesn’t appeal to me but for anyone that is in Vegas as a resident I’m sure this might be interesting.

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