Saving cash on Braun Syncho Shaver “Clean&Renew” cartridge refills


Oh… one more thing on the topic of the Braun Synchro Shaver: 

While I love the model 7526 shaver, I LOATHE the fact that Braun has this absolutely ludicrous money making scheme known as “Clean&Renew” cartridges.

Clean&Renew cartridges are basically plastic cartridges that contain a blue alcohol based fluid that is tapped whenever it cleans your shaver.  Basically, when the shaver cleaning stand activates it pulls liquid from the cartridge and pushes it through the shaver, cutting through oil and grease and otherwise leaving your shaver nice and clean after 5 or so rotations of this stuff.

Here’s the thing:  These cartridges are $10-$12 for a pair.  And they’re filled with an alcohol solution so naturally this stuff evaporates after a month or less of usage.  So you end up buying more of these blue cartridges year after year.


Pssst.  Can I tell you secret?

image The blue stuff is called 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL with a little blue dye.  Yes, that’s right.  The same damned stuff you find at Rite-Aid or CVS or Longs Drugs or Walgreens for $1.49 a big bottle.

So if you were to buy a big bottle of this stuff and then… oh I don’t know… wash out a “Clean&Renew” cartridge with some of the alcohol and refill the thing, and be satisfied in knowing that the “blue coloring” wasn’t necessary to clean your shaver… you’d be saving yourself at least a $100 every year.

I just happen to conveniently have a link to some low cost Isopropyl Alcohol.  I bought one $1.49 bottle at the beginning of last year and I still haven’t gone through the whole thing, yet my shaver has remained nice and clean.


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