image My wife and I were walking down the aisle of the casino at the Palazzo.  If you’d read my posts, you know there’s no way I’d go near some of those tables but while we were strolling along, the noise from the ambient area was a relative murmur. 

Until all of a sudden:  “AW YEAH!”

A huge bellowing voice permeated the casino, practically echoing around the coliseum that is the Palazzo casino.  I turned around to see where it came from.  Everyone like to see a winner celebrate right?  It was clearly coming from one of the blackjack tables.

But before I could find the guy:  “AW SHIT!”

Same table, same voice, same direction.  I find the guy and he’s pounding on the shoulder of the guy next to him who I can only assume is his friend.  Being that the sequence occurred so quickly, I could only surmise that his hit on a 16 resulted in a 20 but the dealer hit to a 21.  This continued to happen several more times over a 2 minute period.

Needless to say, I was in stitches, laughing myself silly at this drunkard exploding every 60 seconds with, “AW YEAH!  AW SHIT!  AW YEAH!  AW SHIT!”  I found myself just standing there in the middle of the aisle watching this guy, waiting for his convulsive explosions and giggling uncontrollably whenever he did it – so much so that others started joining in.  A group of girls stopped and looked and I had to explain what I was laughing at.

Sometimes the entertainment isn’t in the showroom, but rather right there on the casino floor.

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