“Some Guy went and Built a Sentry Gun”

<obligatory flame retardant header>
For the politically correct, please try to resist going off on a rant and instead marvel at the technology behind this project and imagine the potential for commercially available auto-recognition technology.  If you must, think about having a security video camera on the turret or maybe a theatre spotlight instead and most importantly, appreciate that the project is:
1. Microsoft Windows-based (XP to be precise)
Written in C# – I suspect using the Microsoft Robotics Studio
Consumer-ready using only an x86 laptop & a webcam and some robotics
</obligatory flame retardant header>


Now, for the rest of us that play paintball:   

OMG.  Commercially available auto-target recognition FTW. 

Imagine surprising some team by playing “Alamo” or “King of the Hill” with this puppy mounted on one side, intentionally letting the other team’s scout do reconnaissance on the “empty side” and let the confusion, chaos, and subsequent laughter & amazement begin.

Truly “Unreal”.

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